Speaking at schools and festivals

I adore speaking at schools, festivals and other events. They are an opportunity for me to share the Ella love and talk to students and adults about elephant conservation, book creation, independent publishing or animal rights.

More details are included below.

Feel free to contact me for a quote at nicole[at]tuskbooks.com.

School Visits

I love talking to large groups of students as a guest speaker at assemblies or other school events. I have been a guest speaker at a number of Canberra primary schools at their 50-Word assemblies. I usually talk about the ‘Power of Words’ and my motivations for writing Ella.

As part of this presentation, I will read Ella, involving students in the story telling. I will talk about my motivation for writing Ella and share insights into issues facing elephants including ivory poaching and declining numbers. I will also share stories about my time volunteering in an elephant sanctuary.

A delightfully visual aspect of the book is Ella’s tail which has a heart attached. The heart floats high and is bright red when she is full of happiness and is grey and cracked when she is full of despair. This is a wonderful way to engage with children to talk about the emotions Ella is feeling at different stages throughout the book.

This presentation includes an interactive reading of Ella followed by a discussion about elephant habitat, food and issues.

I talk about the lives of elephants used in tourism, just like little Ella, and about other issues facing elephants such as ivory poaching and declining numbers. I will share stories of her time volunteering at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand.

I will also provide students with an overview of the book production process from the planning and drafting stage through to creation of a final book. As part of this discussion I will share some early concept drafts from the book and talk about how the illustrator and author work together.

The picture book Ella tells the story of a baby elephant who is working to entertain tourists. The book takes the reader on a journey as Ella makes a brave escape to find her mum. The book’s back blurb is included below.

Little Ella the elephant dreams of seeing her mum once again. But can she escape? Is she even brave enough to try?

Join baby Ella on her heart-wrenching quest for freedom, happiness and love.

This captivating picture book provides a glimpse into the lives of elephants being used in the tourism industry. A story that helps plant seeds of compassion for animals, it also highlights our planet’s desperate need for conservation.

Sessions generally run for 30 to 45 minutes, including a short Q&A session, though all presentations can be shortened or lengthened to suit. For a half-day visit, I am able to run three sessions, with several classes or larger groups. Nicole is flexible with the length of sessions and group size.

Presentation Type
Each session will include an interactive book reading and Powerpoint presentation.

Age groups
The presentations are suitable for kindergarten to grade six. I can also adapt the presentations for high school students.

Technical requirements
I will require:
• a smartboard or projector setup with Power Point
• a laptop that can take a USB port and remote clicker dongle (ie: two USB ports).

Working with vulnerable people
I have an Australian Capital Territory ‘Working With Vulnerable People’ card.

Full day, half day and individual session rates are based on the Australian Society of Authors pay recommendations. Please contact me at nicole[at]tuskbooks.com for a quote.

Festivals and other events

This session provides insights into my motivations for writing Ella and the process I followed to independently publish the book. It includes a wealth of information on crowdfunding and highlights a range of things to consider when independently publishing.

This session provides insights into my motivations for writing Ella and highlights the many issues faced by elephants around the world. It explores how a book such as Ella can play an important role in raising awareness of issues faced by elephants.

This session focuses on how my picture books give a voice to those who yelp, roar, swing, moo, oink and trumpet. I discuss my motivations for writing Ella, my plans for future books and why I believe Ella has been effective in bringing about awareness and change.

I am flexible with timing and can tailor the timing of session from 30 minutes upwards.

Group sizes
I can adapt my presentations for large or small groups.

Full day, half day and individual session rates are based on the Australian Society of Authors pay recommendations. Please contact Nicole at nicole[at]tuskbooks.com for a quote.