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Little Ella the elephant dreams of seeing her mum once again. But can she escape? Is she even brave enough to try?

Join baby Ella on her heart-wrenching quest for freedom, happiness and love.

This captivating picture book provides a glimpse into the lives of elephants being used in the tourism industry. A story that helps plant seeds of compassion for animals, it also highlights our planet’s desperate need for conservation.

‘True. Touching. Stunning. A must-read for all children.’Katherine Connor, Founder Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary, Thailand
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Billie the dolphin adores surfing. She’s off to find the biggest wave — the hugest of huge, the giant of giants — a wave that makes her feel happy, safe and free.

Join Billie on her adventure as she travels the oceans, saving new friends in dire circumstances.

This eye-opening story draws attention to the human-made perils for dolphins and other marine wildlife. It highlights the urgent need for us to act now to protect and conserve our oceans.

‘An important message delivered beautifully. A vital book for all families.’Sarah Lucas, CEO Action for Dolphins
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